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Vibrant Wellness Practice consisting of 100% wellness-minded patients that truly GET ChiropracTIC. We are also 100% cash, which means NO insurance headaches or nightmares on collections. What we collect comes in EVERY single month…consistently…mostly on auto-debit. This truly is a turn-key wellness practice focused on Chiropractic and family wellness programs for LIFE! When patients understand what we do…they stay, pay and refer others.

We also do some Functional Medicine for the ones that desire more (Detox, Weight-Loss, Disease reversal, etc). We are a husband/wife combo. One doc is Gonstead and the other is more Diversified. We do a little ART as we see lots of athletes (gymnasts, Ultra Runners, etc.). But I say it's primarily osseous adjusting. There are two ArthroStim units, one in each adjusting bay.

Marketing Overhead: $0
A/R: $0 (we collect up-front)
Advertising Costs: $0

100% Direct patient Referrals! Ave. is about 12-15 referrals per month.

Low overhead…high collections

We have ZERO business liens. Our almost brand new (3 yrs old) DR Digital X-Ray system is bought and paid for. We are a paperless office as well, with our software being online through a secure server (ChiroFusion). In the office occupying about 50% of the clinic is a beautiful yoga studio that we built out when we designed the space.

Office is about 1,500 total sq. ft. There is about $70K-$80K just in equipment (about $42,000 in digital X-Ray). Two adjusting
tables, 2 ArthroStims, flat-screen in ROF room to review x-rays on large monitor, fully equipped yoga studio with mats, blocks, towels, blankets, etc. Having started two clinics, I can tell you that you can do it for less, but then you start out with nothing coming in. Buying a flourishing practice is a lot easier and less stressful.

Currently the head doc (husband) is in the clinic about 18 hours per week, seeing about 120-140 PVs per week. The other doc (wife) is in the clinic maybe 12-14 hours per week and sees maybe 25-40 PVs per week depending on spill-over.

The office is modern, well laid out for efficiency, located in a strip-mall that sees lots of walk-by traffic near shops, Starbucks, restaurants, etc. We have been in practice for 17-18 years, and simply have plans to relocate our family. If it sells…we'll move. If it doesn't…we'll keep doing what we love.

This is our second Wellness Practice that we've built from ground up. We have been in this office for just 4 years and already it has surpassed our previous clinic (back in CA) that we ran for 13-14 years with regards to profit. We've become a strong name in the community with a recognizable brand, so each month and year our collections have gone up.

Feel free to reach out with any questions either via email or text/call. We priced it at $205K to sell, and it's worth every penny. No owner-financing