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Doctor that has been in practice in the northern suburbs of Denver for the past 37 years is retiring from practice at the end of October. Shared office space with another chiropractor and a CMT, in a park-like office setting in Northglenn. The office draws patients from Northglenn, Westminster, Thornton, and Broomfield. You get ownership of all of the equipment, including a Zenith Hi-Lo, two traction tables, interferential, and diathermy. This is not a situation that you need to get financing and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead, you would be paying me $1,500 a month over a period of time, while you are earning. It is a great situation for a recent graduate or someone that has just moved to the area. You can literally come in on November 1st and be treating patients your first day at the office, and have everything in place for that to happen. I would be willing to have the new doctor come into the office for a few weeks to meet the currently active patients, and co-host some sort of event that would allow patients come by to say goodbye to me, and meet you. We could probably arrange to have you take over my phone number that I have had since 1986. If you are interested, text 303-229-7577 and we could set up a time to talk/meet.