Election Update from Our Lobbyist, Mike Beasley

Yesterday’s primary elections saw more moderate candidates on both sides of the political aisle emerge victorious. This election season was highly contested, with significant implications for the future of state policy on housing, environmental regulations, taxes, and worker and consumer protections. The outcomes highlighted a preference for moderation within the Democratic Party and a similar sentiment among Republican voters. On the Democratic side 8 of the 11 more moderate candidates won their primaries, we also had two elections where candidates that were appointed by vacancy committees lost their primary bids. The Colorado GOP saw 14 of their 18 more conservative endorsed candidates lose their primaries, often by substantial margins. The state GOP endorsing candidates has raised significant criticism of the state party’s leadership and their strategy of endorsing candidates in the primaries.


Voter turnout lagged behind previous election cycles, with total turnout barely surpassing 25% by Wednesday morning, significantly lower than during the 2020 presidential election cycle. Despite the lower interest, political spending was unusually high for a primary, with over $5 million invested by various groups. Traditional Democratic groups supported progressive candidates, while business groups heavily funded moderate candidates, including spending over $1 million on TV ads in the final days of the race to influence the outcomes in favor of moderates.


Below is a summary of the most contested races for US Congress, State Senate and the State House. 

Congressional Districts

  • CD 3: Jeff Hurd won the Republican nomination.
  • CD 4: Lauren Boebert clinched the Republican race.
  • CD 8: Gabe Evans defeated Janak Joshi.
  • CD 5: Jeff Crank won against GOP Chair Dave Williams.

State Senate Races

  • SD 2 (Douglas County): Lisa Frizell leads Timothy Arvidson 66.25% to 33.75%.
  • SD 1 (El Paso County): Larry Liston leads with 60%, followed by David Stiver with 22%.
  • SD 18 (Boulder): Judy Amabile leads Jovita Schiffer 77% to 22%.
  • SD 19 (Jefferson County): Lindsey Daugherty leads Obi Ezeadi 64% to 35%.
  • SD 28 (Aurora): Mike Weissman leads Idris Keith 53% to 46%.

State House Races

  • HD 4 (Denver): Cecelia Espenoza leads Tim Hernandez 54% to 45%.
  • HD 6 (Denver): Sean Camacho leads Elisabeth Epps 62% to 37%.
  • HD 10 (Boulder): Junie Joseph leads Tina Mueh 58% to 41%.
  • HD 20 (Colorado Springs): Jarvis Caldwell leads Jason Lupo 66% to 33%.
  • HD 21 (Colorado Springs/Fountain): Mary Bradfield leads with 47%, followed by Bill Garlington with 32%.
  • HD 30 (Lakewood): Rebekah Stewart leads Kyra deGruy Kennedy 57% to 42%.
  • HD 31 (Thornton): Jacque Phillips leads Julia Marvin 54% to 45%.
  • HD 36 (Aurora): Michael Carter leads Bryan Lindstrom 61% to 38%.
  • HD 43 (Highlands Ranch): Matt Burcham leads Lora Thomas 53% to 46%.
  • HD 45 (Castle Rock): Max Brooks leads Bill Jack 55% to 44%.
  • HD 52 (Fort Collins): Yara Zokaie leads Ethnie Treick 62% to 37%.