Initial Certification Information

An animal chiropractor must send an initiation of treatment to the animal primary veterinarian within 7 business days of initiation of care. If an animal chiropractor suspects the animal has a mandated reportable disease, you must contact the animal’s primary veterinarian’s office and the Colorado State Veterinarian’s office.

Chiropractors who treat animals are required to carry malpractice rider on their malpractice insurance.

Direct Access was granted for Animal Chiropractors to adjust Dogs and Equids (Donkeys, zebras, horses, mules, etc,) only upon completion of a one-time 8-hour Zoonotic, Contagious & Infectious disease course approved by the Colorado State Veterinarian and a one-time, 1-hour Animal Chiropractic Jurisprudence course approved by the Colorado State Veterinarian office. Until successful completion of this course is achieved, an animal chiropractor must obtain a Veterinarian Medical Clearance form prior to treatment of Dogs and Equids.

The CCA’s online Animal Chiropractic Course meets the requirements for both the 8-hour infectious disease course and the 1-hour jurisprudence course. This is a one-time educational requirement.

PLEASE NOTE: This course alone does not qualify or certify you to perform animal chiropractic in the state of Colorado. This course is in addition to the requirements as outlined above/in CRS 12-33-127.

Applying for an Animal Chiropractic License

  • To apply for your Animal Chiropractic License, CLICK HERE
  • To  view the application checklist, CLICK HERE 

Continuing Education Requirements:

  • A licensed chiropractor who is registered to perform animal chiropractic shall complete 20 hours of continuing education per licensing period that is specific to the diagnosis and treatment of animals. All continuing education courses must be in the fields of study listed in subsections (4) and (5) of 12-215-127 of the practice act. If you are practicing both human and animal chiropractic, you must complete a total of fifty (50) continuing education hours per licensing period.
  • The twenty (20) hours of required continuing education must include a two-hour course on contagious, infectious, and zoonotic diseases, including current information about the incidence rates of rabies virus, West Nile virus, equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy, canine brucellosis, plague, and tularemia in Colorado and in other locations that might affect a licensed chiropractor’s animal patients.

Continuing Education Partners:


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