Mission of the Colorado Chiropractic Association

The CCA’s mission is to protect and promote the practice, philosophy and economic growth of all Colorado chiropractors.


Vision of the Colorado Chiropractic Association

We envision chiropractors leading all people of Colorado to optimal health.


Values of the Colorado Chiropractic Association

Inclusivity – We respect and embrace the diversity of our field and strive to understand and incorporate various viewpoints into our practices.

Dignity, Respect & Integrity – We believe each individual of our community to be worthy of respect and treated with care while practicing with the upmost integrity to our profession and its principles.

Passion for the Profession – We are a community of professionals inspired by the practice of Chiropractic and committed to the skilled care and treatment of our patients.

Accessible & Engaging – We are actively present in the practices of our member chiropractors through providing a channel for clear and timely communications and opportunities to engage in professional development.

Courageous – We possess the strength and nerve to meet the demands of our profession while practicing with confidence and the highest ethical morals.

Influential Leadership – We constantly strive to be at the forefront of chiropractic practices and reflect expert principles and professional values congruent with meeting the needs of our profession and community.

Agile – We are committed to understanding the changing needs of our profession and addressing challenges through strategic development and collective professional growth.


CCA Bylaws


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