The Board of Health passed an emergency rule yesterday, requiring COVID vaccines for healthcare facilities under their control. This DOES NOT affect chiropractors unless you are a chiropractor who practices in one of those facilities as an employee, contractor, or support staff. The CDPHE was very clear that they regulate facilities that are enumerated in the statute that give them their authority. They do not regulate people. Licenses will not be impacted by the CDPHE ruling yesterday.

Part of the emergency rule states:

The Department has authority to enact and enforce regulations over all licensed healthcare facilities and agencies: Acute Treatment Units, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Assisted Living Residences, Behavioral Health Entities, Birth Centers, Community Clinics, Community Clinics with Emergency Centers, Community Integrated Health Care Services Agencies, Community Mental Health Centers, Dialysis Treatment Clinics, Freestanding Emergency Departments, Home Care Agencies, Home Care Placement Agencies, Hospices, Hospitals (General, Rehabilitation, Psychiatric, and Hospital Units), Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (Group Homes and Intermediate Care Facilities), and Nursing Homes. The Department does not have authority over individual healthcare practitioners or staff, nor does it oversee other settings where patients seek medical care including primary care offices and urgent care locations. 

Read the full rule here 

This does not change the mandate for chiropractors in the jurisdiction of the City and County of Denver. We are still working this issue and will continue to provide updates and information as we have it.