In the middle of times like this, we tend to let some things move to the back burner, but chiropractors may want to take a moment and review the expiration dates (or renewal dates) of your certifications and diplomates. Here is some examples:

  • CPR Certification – In Colorado, we are required to maintain an active CPR card to practice. At this time (5.13.2020) we have not heard of an exemption. Further, some health care certifications (i.e. CCSP) and some PPO agreements require that holders maintain an active CPR certification. You should check your expiration date on your CPR card to determine if you need to update it. If you hold a CPR certification from the American Heart Association, they have extended the expiration of all cards from March 1, 2020 forward by 120 days. The American Red Cross requires a very short online training (no actual training takes place, it only requires you to agree to simple terms and conditions) after which students are emailed a 120 day extension certificate. However, given the extension, the entity that requires the certification has to accept that extension. As a reminder, Colorado requires an in person practical for your CPR card. The CCA is working on future CPR classes that will comply with all public health orders to be able to provide the CPR practical to those whose CPR cards are set to expire.
  •  CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician) – The American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians has indicated that they are extending some CCSP expirations to September 30, 2020. However, they also indicated that they require hands-on CPR certification and recertification and thus a hands-on course will be required by September 30th. Once we are closer to that date and you find problems updating your CPR certification (or other CCSP courses), we are recommending that you reach out directly to ACBSP. The CCA has two CPR classes scheduled in the fall and there is a potential to add more if there is a need.

Other Certifications and Diplomates – If you review your renewal dates and expirations of other certifications and find that you will not be able to meet the deadline as a direct result of governmental orders, CDC group guidelines, or other issues related to COVID-19, the CCA recommends reaching out directly to the governing body of the certification or diplomate to determine your best course of action.