We often field calls about treating patients who have been injured on the job. Do Colorado chiropractors need to be Level I Accredited with the Department of Workers’ Comp to treat patients? The answer is no, but there are limitations if you are not accredited.

Chiropractors who are NOT Level I Accredited can treat patients if they will not require more than 12 treatments, or treatments over 90 days (whichever comes first), AND the patient does not have more than 3 days of lost time.

Otherwise, Level I Accreditation is mandatory. Level I accreditation can offer several benefits.

  • Level I Accreditation is mandatory for chiropractors to treat patients with more than 3 days of lost time, or who may require more than 12 treatments or treatments over a period exceeding 90 days (whichever comes first).
  • Chiropractors may benefit from accreditation by expanding their practice and partnering with medical providers or networks.
  • Accreditation educates providers of all aspects of the workers’ compensation system.
  • Level I accreditation demonstrates to patients, employers, and insurance providers that chiropractors have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively treat workers’ compensation cases.

All classes are conducted online. For more information go to https://cdle.colorado.gov/level-i-accreditation