Disclaimer: The Colorado Chiropractic Association has ZERO affiliation with these suppliers below and have ZERO control over pricing and availability. We are simply trying to find suppliers so you can order the supplies you need for your office. Some suppliers have limited in-house stock which is based on first-come, first-served basis. Some companies purchase as needed (i.e. no in-house stock) and need about 2-weeks for shipping. We will continue to add more companies as we become aware.

Workwear on Wheelz (Denver based)

PDF of products





·Have surgical masks, KN95, hand sanitizer.

·Order online and they will ship or call them as you may be able to pick up an order in person.New products, with at-once availability, from Workwear On Wheels, Inc – a CCA resource!Reusable face shield – 2 pc. pack = $17.68Powder Free disposable Vinyl gloves – 100 pc box = $15.73 (Med/large/XL)Reminder:  ALL product is shipped from Aurora, CO and is IN-STOCK! 

Falcon Distributors (Colorado Springs based)


Contact Steve Reynolds to order



To order – call the number above.

·Have surgical masks, KN95, hand sanitizer, CSI disinfectant, gloves (approved by CDC for killing COVID-19).

– The CSI Disinfectant comes in 12 quarts per case at a price of $156.13. It states right on the label that it kills Human CoronaVirus and Associated SARS CoronaVirus.

–  The Surgical Masks come 50 in a box at a price of $100.00. They are a 3-ply Face Mask with a BFE greater than 99%, are hypoallergenic, have an adaptable nose bar, very low resistance to breathing and a high filtration capacity.

– The KN95 Face Masks come 10 per bag and have an FDA Certification # 10066035. The price is $60.00 per bag.

– The Nitrile Gloves come either 100 gloves per box at $14.95 per box or a case of 1,000 gloves at $149.95.

– We have 16oz, 23oz and 32oz refill Hand Sanitizer that is made from 75% IPA and is FDA Certified. The prices are $15.00, $19.50 and $27.10 respectively. The 16oz and 23oz come with spray triggers and the 32oz is a refill bottle.

– We also have some IPA in 4oz and 8oz bottles remaining at $4.00 and $8.00 respectively.

Belden Nu’uveli Solutions


View their PDF of products and minimums here

Isaac Belden – phone: 208-861-8110 isaac@bandnsolutions.com

Matthew Nu’uvali – phone: 208-392-0095 matthew@bandnsolutions.com

·       Have hand sanitizer, KN95 masks, 3 Ply masks, IR thermometers and more.

·       Minimum orders apply. Do not carry stock, all orders are made to ship.

·       One solution might be to work with other docs in your area to meet minimum orders

·       Check website for how to order or contact Isaac or Matthew above.

Anne McGilvray & Company

Contact to order:

Ellen Burnell

Tel (720) 351-1211


Message from Ellen:

Click here for the PDF with product list on the different kinds medical masks and more.

Please see minimum in PDF of each product. For example: if they come in 20’s you have to buy in multiple of 20’s.

Thermometer comes in 1 so you only need to buy 1 or more.

There is no tax , but there is a shipping charge. It should be minimal because products are light.

The minimum for each order is $150.00 and a credit card is needed. They may send backorders if you order more than one product – like any company.

Chiropractors can combine their orders with other doctors. They will need to be shipped to one location.

Integrated Medical, Inc. (Centennial)

7012 S. Revere Pkwy, Suite 140

Centennial, CO 80112



Ordering –


*Please set up an account on our website to access medical professional pricing.

*Order online, by phone, or by email.

*In-stock orders ship within 24 hours OR pick up at our office (call prior to check availability).

Inventory –

Note: All products are being allocated to our professional customers to ensure continued availability.

Gloves (nitrile, vinyl, and latex in Sm, Med, Lg) – in stock, prices vary, boxes of 100-200, OR cases of 10 boxes available

KN95 Masks – in stock, $60.00/box 10

Ear Loop Face Masks – limited supply (stock varies weekly), starting at $15.95/box of 50


  • Cavicide & Caviwipes – in stock, starting at $11.95
  • Citrus II (gallon & 22oz spray) – in stock, prices vary
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (gallon & 16oz) – in stock, prices vary
  • Hand Sanitizer (12oz pumps) – limited supply

Infrared Thermometers – in stock, $77.95

Table Paper (and other paper products/linens) – in stock, prices vary



Receive an additional 3% discount (Use code: COC001) as well as FREE SHIPPING on orders over $79. If they need hand sanitizer in larger quantities or they would like to private label hand sanitizer have them call me directly at 719-433-1494 (Vaso Bjegovich).

-If the products are on our site that means there is stock. If items are out of stock we will remove the items from the site as soon as that happens.