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NutriDyn was founded in 1973 on the hope and passion for improving quality of life through innovative nutritional supplements.

Back then, David Peterson, the Founder of NutriDyn, was a recent college graduate working in medical sales. He sold X-ray equipment to physicians for three years before unknowingly becoming a pioneer in the field of clinical nutrition. During conversations with those physicians, David noticed a trend, saw an opportunity, and took a chance.

He noticed that patients were seeing improved quality of life using nutraceutical-based interventions. He also saw the need to provide quality products exclusively to healthcare practitioners.

With that knowledge, David began NutriDyn in his parents’ garage. Soon thereafter, his brother Greg joined the team as co-owner and currently manages the nutrition portion of the business.

Over the years, NutriDyn has committed to being a partner in health by providing the most efficacious, cutting-edge, and innovative supplements exclusively to healthcare practitioners. Today, NutriDyn is recognized as a pioneer of clinical nutrition.

The vision of David and Greg Peterson led to a third-generation family-owned business with international acclaim, respect, and trust. The passion and dedication to improve quality of life continues to inspire NutriDyn to seek new advancements in health and longevity through innovative clinical nutrition and educational services.

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