We have been fielding calls and emails this morning about meeting the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is holding today at 4 pm. 

It is our understanding intent of the meeting today is to discuss the facilities under the authority of the CDPHE. We sent this in an update last week (you can view that here) and want to reiterate that the CDPHE does NOT regulate Chiropractors, therefore any ruling from the CDHPE has no bearing on Chiropractic practices.

Our attorney has done an extensive legal review regarding the authority of the CDPHE, and by extension the State Board of Health (Board) and has determined, CDPHE and the Board have no governing authority over chiropractors or chiropractic facilities, to include chiropractic hospitals. This means rulemakings by CDPHE and the Board regarding COVID vaccine mandates have no impact on chiropractic facilities.

Colorado Revised Statute 25-1.5-103(1)(a)(1), lists healthcare facilities governed by CDPHE and the Board. Chiropractic facilities are not included in that list. In addition, the Colorado Code of Regulations governing healthcare facilities (6 CCR 1011-1) was amended in 2012, pursuant to legislation, to REMOVE chiropractic centers and chiropractic hospitals.

We ask, for the above reason, that NO chiropractors attend this meeting, so we DO NOT give them any reason to think that they have legitimacy to have authority over chiropractors OR that they introduce a motion that they should have authority in the future since we still give them that regard.

  • View the letter from Governor Polis to the Board of Health here
  • View the reply from the Board of Health to the Governor here. Note the highlighted section that references the state statute that defines the healthcare facilities within their authority