We have received questions from practices around the state inquiring about the state-wide mask mandate from CDPHE for healthcare facilities. Last fall, we sent out information from our attorney detailing why chiropractic offices do not fall under the state-wide vaccine mandate. Chiropractic offices DO NOT fall under the authority of CDPHE. 

Colorado Revised Statute 25-1.5-103 lists healthcare facilities governed by CDPHE and the Board. Chiropractic facilities are not included in that list. In addition, the Colorado Code of Regulations governing healthcare facilities (6 CCR 1011-1) was amended in 2012, pursuant to legislation, to REMOVE chiropractic centers and chiropractic hospitals. 

The statute reads: To annually license and to establish and enforce standards for the operation of general hospitals, hospital units as defined in section 25-3-101(2) , psychiatric hospitals, community clinics, rehabilitation hospitals, convalescent centers, community mental health centers, acute treatment units, facilities for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, nursing care facilities, hospice care, assisted living residences, dialysis treatment clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, birthing centers, home care agencies, and other facilities of a like nature, except those wholly owned and operated by any governmental unit or agency.

 Unless you practice in a facility under their authority, the mandate does not apply to your practice. You may certainly continue to require masks for you staff and patients if you so choose. 

As always, local mandates (to our knowledge there are none right now) for healthcare or indoor public spaces do apply to your practices. And, any Executive Orders from the Governor (there are none right now).