I write to you, chiropractors of Colorado, today, as President of the Colorado Chiropractic Association (CCA,) in a time where our ability to practice has been challenged. We carry optimism that we will overcome.

The CCA has been supporting Chiropractors for more than 100 years, advocating for the profession and providing resources for our members, many of whom are private business owners.

The mission of the CCA is to protect and promote the practice, philosophy, and economic growth of all Colorado chiropractors, and its vision is to lead all people of Colorado to optimal health. We deeply believe in, and support, healthy communities, cities, and a healthy Colorado. It is the core of who we are, and what we have chosen as our profession. We do not take this position lightly. Chiropractors are well educated and measured in their approach to the complete health of the human frame. Chiropractors like other professions will choose differing avenues to their approach within the scope afforded by law in Colorado.  This is evidenced by the choices of chiropractic patients.
The CCA has a formal pro-choice position when it comes to vaccines, or any healthcare decision.

“We support Coloradoans in their right to choose and make informed decisions regarding patient care for both the individual and their family and children. No healthcare procedure, of any sort, is without potential risk. It is essential that patients educate themselves on both the benefits and the risks associated with any procedure to properly exercise their freedom of choice in making healthcare decisions.”

This statement obviously includes practitioners, their families and staff.
The recent public health orders, whether in Denver, or as suggested for statewide, is in opposition to our pro-choice belief, and we strongly oppose this mandate on private business owners, and their staff. Our office has fielded calls and emails from doctors who oppose this mandate. We recognize, too, that many chiropractors have made their choice to vaccinate.

The CCA is currently working with attorneys and other national groups to determine a way forward for our profession in Colorado.
The CCA Staff and its Board of Directors have committed a great deal of time and resources to the Denver vaccine mandate. A summary of our efforts includes:

  • Our Executive Director has spoken to four attorneys
  • She has been in daily communication with our lobbyist and me
  • We have connected with our national association (ChiroCongress) to learn more about how other states are handling their various local, and state-wide vaccine mandates
  • We are in communication with the Chiropractic Defense Council and exploring options with them

Part of our discussions with the attorneys and other national groups is to maintain a low profile in the interim, until we have a unified and supported message. 

Again, our organization supports an individual’s right to choose what’s best for them when it comes to medical decisions. Vaccine mandates strip that right to choose.

Like many of you, we have read the latest this morning that Governor Polis has asked the Board of Health to work on mandated vaccines for Colorado Health Care workers. We have spent all morning in communication with our lobbyist, an attorney, and other state association leaders, gathering information so we can effectively communicate with the Governor’s office. We do have an attorney who will be working with the CCA and our lobbyist to advocate for us, opposing a state-wide mandate and protecting and individual’s right to choose.

We, as a state, are not alone in our efforts to remedy the situation where one can choose for themselves. Our conversations with our attorneys and other organizations are clearly more detailed that what is presented here. Those details may be released in the near future.  
We assure all Chiropractors in Colorado that we are doing our utmost to protect your practice.

Yours in Good Health,
Dr. Craig Pearson
CCA Board President